In a world where technology is always at your fingertips and puts you in a role where you should always be available for work, it is a big challenge to maintain work-life balance.

According to a study(2014) published in the Harvard Business Review, 94% of working professionals said they work for more than 50 hours per week

Striking that perfect balance between work and family has always been a challenge for most of us. Maintaining healthy work-life balance is very important for your physical as well as mental health. Studies have shown that employees who maintain work-life balance effectively, are more productive at their work.

This article will help you get started on effectively maintaining work-life balance!

Tips To Maintain Work-life Balance

Manage Time

Time-management is one of the biggest challenges faced by most professionals today. With overwhelming amounts of tasks and responsibilities it is easy to lose track of time. Keep track of your time and analyze how you utilize your time on a daily basis and for what activities. This will help you understand which activities take up most of your time and will help you plan and manage your time better.

work-life balance

Determine your priorities and set aside a dedicated amount of time for each of them. Learn to excuse yourself from situations that do not add value to your priority list. There are many free task managers on the internet that can help you get started!

Set Goals

Once you prioritize your tasks, the next important step is to set your workplace as well as personal goals. Set two different sets of goals that can help you understand what you want to accomplish as a professional and what you want to accomplish in your individual life. Make these goals measurable so that you can easily track the progress and gain an understanding of which goals need to be focused on more than the others.


Daily exercise and meditation have a rewarding effect on the human brain. Regular practice of meditation helps open creative doorways in the brain. Physical activities like exercise, games and meditation release ‘Endorphins’ that help you stay happy and productive at work as well as at home. They help improve your memory and emotional intelligence. The positive energy gained through exercise and meditation has a huge impact on people around us too!


Many of us have the habit of checking and responding to emails through our mobile phones. These days it has become easier to always stay connected to work. Though technology helps us stay connected with work at any hour, it is important to understand when it starts taking over our personal lives. So, turn those gadgets off and stay away from screens after you go home. Leave your work at office. Establish boundaries and clearly communicate these to your team members and supervisors.

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Social Life 

join a social club

Make some time for new hobbies and relationships outside work. Dedicate a good chunk of time to spend with yourself. Join a social or activity club. These social clubs are great places to make new friends or pick up a new hobby. These help you gain an understanding of what makes you happy and give you an opportunity to explore things outside work.

Family Time

Maintaining positive relationships with your family and friends is also as important as staying productive at work. If your work is damaging your personal relationships, you’ll suffer both at work as well as in personal life. So, spend time with your family. Use those paid leaves to take your family on a vacation or just take a day off and give them your time!


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