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Think back to your childhood. Did you have any fears, like being afraid of entering rooms covered by a dark blanket that is the absence of light? Maybe you were so scared of wasps or honeybees that you always managed to find a way out of your car seat or booster chair and immediately start wreaking havoc.

Did you ever get in trouble as a child, either by a teacher, family member, or parent? It’s safe to assume that the moment you assumed you were busted, your heart started racing, eyes began leaking tears like water from a fire hydrant, began hurriedly verbally defending yourself from that adult’s explanations of your behaviors and what made them inappropriate.

These feelings of worry and fear were simply one of many manifestations of anxiety.

Whether you’ve tried your hardest to prevent anxiety from manifesting barriers on your personal proverbial roadway to success, or maybe just recently began feeling worrisome throughout the past few weeks; both situations are undeniably uncontrolled anxiety.

Now how can one hope to control their emotions, especially one as deeply rooted in making the split-second decision to fight or fly?

While not all of them will prove successful, or even slightly beneficial, to all anxiety sufferers, hopefully at least one of these will provide you some level of relief.

Don’t consciously make efforts to simply stop thinking about things…

… that’s just not how the human brain works. However, it is possible to distract the deep-down, necessary, intrinsic processes in your brain enough to lessen both the physio- and psychological manifestations of anxiety.

First, learn how to breathe deeply. It’s not that difficult – it’s breathing, after all, not running a marathon – and is many times more effective at waving goodbye to worry than the shallow breaths most every human takes throughout the vast majority of their waking hours.

Fill your lungs in 4 seconds. Hold that breath for 7 seconds. Then exhale that deep, deep breath over 8 counts of release. This is the 4:7:8 deep breathing technique – now you know how to breathe deeply!

For every cycle’s total of 19 counts – another word for seconds – rub your fingers across any one object. Repeat this process with four different objects, preferably with unique textures.

Now do this with vision, smell, hearing, and – if possible – tasting.

This tool overloads your brain to reduce anxiety.

You’re obviously on the Internet – get help on the Internet

For whatever reason(s), mental health problems have been stigmatized by society, at least here in the United States, for some time. Fortunately, such views are gradually going away, though many people don’t feel comfortable with reaching out to real, live human beings to seek help for whatever’s on their mind.

Talkspace recently hit the mark of 1,000,000 – that’s one million – unique clients. For competitive fees, potential clients can readily get matched up with certified service providers with proven experience in mental health.

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