The usage and popularity of Artificial Intelligence has increased a lot over past few years. Many Sci-Fi movies portray AI as destructive and as a threat to the world out there. While this is not completely true, AI can do wonders, reducing the amount of manual work to minimum.

This morning, I was trying to text someone and the auto-prediction on my mobile hardly let me type anything. It was such a breeze! My mobile knew me so well that I felt it might soon start replying my texts by itself. The idea sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

This leaves us with another question, Will AI and Robots take all our jobs? Before you dig deeper to know the answer, let us quickly find out what AI is all about and how it affects digital advertising.

What is Artificial Intelligence About?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer sciences that focuses on creating intelligent machines which can work and think like humans.

We use many AI in our day to day lives. Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Now and Alexa function on various platforms and help us find useful information with just one voice command. Many organizations allow their customers to chat with their customer support representatives when they are browsing through their website. Sometimes, the person on the other side may just be AI and not any customer support executive.

How Can Artificial Intelligence Affect Digital Advertising?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of almost every industry, and digital marketing is no different. What is the one ultimate goal of digital advertising? Reaching the right target audience. What if there’s a program that can automatically help you reach out to the right audience?

AI does this for you and helps you reduce your manual office hours. We come across many quizzes in Facebook and other social media claiming to predict your personality based on your ‘Likes’ and activity on the app. AI can do the same in digital advertising for your target audience.

Here are few places where AI can function to give you maximum results:

  • Forecasting Sales
  • Human Resources (on-boarding)
  • Assisting Virtual Shopping Based On Previous Purchases
  • Giving Personalized Content Suggestions For Customers
  • Optimizing Content Based On Past Performance Patterns
  • Automated Social Media Publishing
  • Smarter Analytics

Does AI Need Human Support?

Artificial Intelligence

Now that you’ve gained an understanding of how powerful AI can be and how easier it can make our lives, it’s time to answer the next question, “Is there something that cannot be replaced by artificial intelligence?”. The answer is, yes.

No matter how advanced AI is, there are certain things in every industry that will always require human expertise. Unlike humans, AI can give best results only when data is being fed to it continuously. Here are few things that humans manage way better than AI.

  • Ethical Reasoning
  • True Understanding Of Audience
  • Managing Risk
  • Customer Relations
  • Brand Reputation
  • Empathizing

AI makes your life a lot easier and is certainly the future of digital advertising!

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