Actor Salman Khan can be seen in various looks in the Bharat teaser even as Katrina Kaif makes barely an appearance. Check out all Salman’s looks.

In Bharat teaser,Salman Khan sports six different looks.

Actor Salman Khan is back in a grand way with the release of his upcoming film Bharat’s teaser. The actor makes a grand entry on a bike and rides straight through a ring of fire that arrived a day before Republic Day. While the viewers are applauding his daring circus stunt, his various looks, too, draw attention over their similarity to the different characters he has played onscreen in his past films.

Bharat tracks his story from being a child as India got its independence, to an old man as the country turned 60. Salman also explains in the voiceover that he was named Bharat, after his country, and doesn’t give importance to questions about his cast, creed and religion. The story of Bharat chronicles Salman’s journey from a child to a man of 70.

Here are Salman’s various looks as we break down the teaser.

Salman Khan digitally de-ages In Bharat

Salman Khan in a still from Bharat teaser.

Salman Khan plays a circus artiste in the film and he has been digitally de-aged for that portion of the film. Film’s director Ali Abbas Zafar had said earlier in an interview, “We have just locked the script. The idea is to make Salman look the way he appeared in Maine Pyar Kiya — from the time he began his career to now. But we will know how much we can achieve only after our complete research is done.”

Salman’s grizzled look

Salman Khan in a still from Bharat teaser.

The film also gives us a glimpse of his unshaven, grizzled look which he last sported in Bajrangi Bhaijaan. He had played a Hanuman devotee named Bajrangi in the film. But unlike his half-sweater, shawl-clad character, he is seen in a suit this time. The still shows him standing in front of the Wagah border with a sari-clad Katrina Kaif besides him. This coincidentally is also the only glimpse of Katrina Kaif we get in the Bharat teaser.

“Katrina plays a pivotal role in the movie. And the film’s release is almost 6 months away. Hence the makers decided to keep her look and role guarded. It was a team decision to only establish Salman Khan’s character in the teaser. Katrina’s look and character details would be revealed only in the trailer, which will come out nearer to the film’s release date,” a source explained as the reason for Katrina missing from the teaser.

Salman goes Dabangg

Salman Khan in a still from Bharat teaser.

Salman is also seen sporting his famous hairline moustache which he sported in Dabangg series. He can be seen working tirelessly during some rescue work in a rusted jumpsuit before he is seen floating lifelessly in water.


alman Khan in a still from Bharat teaser.

He also sports the same moustached look while being dressed up as a naval officer, staring at the sea from his vessel. It has not been confirmed if he will play a Navy officer.

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