It was a suicide note that changed Mikul’s life. Mikul’s friend attempted suicide. He was this jovial, happy go lucky person. Every single student at the campus were shocked to hear this. Later, his fellow classmates got to know that there were more to it. This friend who they know as a smart and vibrant student was suffering from severe anxiety. Due to his parental pressure, he had to go for engineering, while his passion was to join Indian Army. And recently, his crush had turned him down. There were a few other things like falling grades and poor attendance that added to his turmoil.

Over time, Mikul realized it’s not anymore a problem behind the campus walls; the magnitude of the problem is really huge. According to WHO, 1 student commits suicide in every 40 seconds. “There can be a lot of reasons behind such self-harming decision. There was no awareness regarding the matter and people rarely come out of it. They tend to ignore the symptoms” , says Mikul.

The most dangerous part is “it is not obvious, sometimes we look for signs and we don’t get it. If we are not aware of the situation, how can we help our friends”, says another IIT student at the campus.

“One of the major problems, according to Mikul is the social stigma attached to it. There is a general mentality in the society to label someone “Mental” just because one shares their emotions. Fear of judgement is a concern. That’s the reason why people don’t come out of it, he exclaims. 

“That’s when I felt there is an urgent need of a safe space to share emotions without any inhibition. Talk therapy is underrated these days. We need more such platforms to help people”, he added.

After 2 years of rigorous brainstorming and research, Mikul decided to create a safe space for individuals to share their emotions and feel better. Moodcafe was incorporated in 2018. 

With Moodcafe, Mikul envisions a world where it’s Okay to not be Okay and people connect with each other to heal hearts and mend souls by leveraging empathy, technology and human spirit!

What we Offer?

Online counselling, Free Anonymous chat, Workshops and Seminars and Self Help Resources.

 Impact created until now:

As of August 2019, Moodcafe, a team of 11 full-time people, along with 100+ listeners and 10+ experts, has:

  • Saved lives of 7+ people from committing suicide
  • Helped 10000+ individuals

· Moodcafe launched the pilot of its anonymous chat platform on World Mental Health Day (10th October 2018) at Nazariya 2018, the mental health festival at Indian Institute of Public Health Gandhinagar (IIPHG). 

· Moodcafe organized its first in the world Time Donation Camp where in our followers donated a few hours of their day to listen to someone and make them feel better. We had a huge turnout for the event. 

You can download the free app and share your concerns with trained listeners on Alternately, if you would like to create a difference in people’s lives, become a listener by going to the profile section, clearing the screening and taking the listener’s training!

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