Theoretically, we all know that life is all about good times and bad times. But, how many of us accept this fact?

Often when good times strike, we get really excited. We feel as this is the end of all struggles in life. We shop a lot, enjoy our success, throw parties, call everyone and share the happiness. The amount of celebration depends upon how big the success is. Sometimes, we even become egoistic and behave accordingly; this, in turn makes other people feel bad or low.

Other way round when bad times arise, we feel so low as we had never been happy. We forget our good times and feel like this is the end of world. We often remember all the bad experiences we have. Sometime even correlating them with karma. We often indulge in activities like getting violent and angry, taking alcohol, drugs or shopping more. Sometimes, the times feel so hard that few people think of ending up their own life.

But, looking holistically, isn’t life a game of tennis; the sequence of events is like the sequence of balls coming. Like the game of tennis, we need to attempt each event; sometimes too easy and sometimes too hard. But, don’t we become a “pro” after practicing difficult shots. Yes, that’s the way life is! We indeed keep learning after experiencing the bad events, after learning how to deal with. . Each shot becomes easy if we concentrate on hitting the ball as it comes rather than thinking why was such a ball thrown to us….

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