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The new relationship begins exciting: people are overwhelmed with feelings, the heart is beating fast, and in the shower indescribable delight. However, this may not happen if there is experience of failures and disappointments in communicating with the opposite sex behind the shoulders. But romance is always important in a relationship. It is she who helps to know each other better. If no idea comes to your mind, how to achieve it, read the expert advice in the article.

Romantic trip

Arrange yourself and your chosen one a romantic holiday. It is not necessary to go somewhere for a whole month or even a week. If you do not have such an opportunity, arrange for yourself just a weekend. But all this time you have to spend together in nature: in the forest, in the mountains, on the sea. The main thing is that this time was like a fairy tale.


This is the way to better know the body of your companion. Massage does not have to be erotic, but in any case it should be done nicely. Light the candles, put the aroma lamp, take aromatic oil for massage. Make sure that all movements are gentle and smooth: you are not a chiropractor to knead and throw a person like a piece of dough. Here the main thing is trust and respect for each other.

Small gifts

Give your partner a small present. It can be a fun toy, keychain, hair clip. You do not need to spend a lot of money on it. This gesture shows not your material condition, but the desire to take care of a person and give him small pleasures that will always remind you.


Come up with pleasant surprises for your lover. Ask what he likes, and use this information next time. Do not get out of your skin to satisfy your desires, but if your favorite singer casually glances at you, do not miss the opportunity to take his autograph. Or simply, as it were, accidentally go to a place from which you can see an excellent view of the sunset. Surprises are impressions.

A trip to the vineyard

Or at any other place that is near your city and where you can spend a day together. If you chose a vineyard, then you will have an exciting excursion, help in harvesting (if caught in the season) and wine tasting in a local wine cellar. The whole day you will be busy not with each other, but you will constantly make joint actions. And this is a new experience of communication.

Adjust the past

This is what you need to do first, if you are going to build new relationships. You will not be comfortable if the former will constantly call, in the apartment he will look at you from photos on the walls, and your friends will try to reconcile you. Something new can be built when the bridges are burned and the ashes are cold.

Remember: there is always a choice

No romance will work with the first person on the line. Do not rush to rush into a new relationship as a whirlpool. You have a choice. Always! Under any circumstances! And even if you have not yet found the right person, it’s better to stay a little longer than to cling to anybody.

Understand who is safe and how to always be safe

This advice can be called a continuation of the previous one. Do not start something serious with a complete stranger. Try to learn it a little better. Otherwise, you always risk being in a life-threatening and health-threatening situation.

Clarify your expectations

First of all, solve this issue with yourself. While you do not understand what you want from future relationships, they will not be able to build them. Then, in time, talk about this with your partner. You must go in one direction, otherwise everything will collapse quickly.

Remember, everywhere there are wonderful people

In the most difficult moments, remember this statement, and you will be surprised how quickly they will come to your rescue. And not always it will be your friends, often even strangers rush to help. Smile to the world and he will smile at you.

Go where people with your interests meet

It is much easier to build relationships with like-minded people. Therefore, look for clubs on interests, bars, cafes, parks, where people with the same hobbies as you are gathered.

Refrain from sex

Since it starts a lot of dead-end relations. But try to establish yourself the rule of a few dates or weeks. Let your partner look forward to intimate intimacy with you and works to earn it. Determine the time interval for which you will understand that this is your man, after which you can deal with him and carnal pleasures.

Check partner

Ask about this person in common acquaintances to understand who he is and what he really is. If there is no such possibility, arrange a small provocation that will show the person on the other side.

Pay attention to the behavior

It is actions, not words, that speak about a person much. Pay attention to how the partner behaves with friends, relatives, children and even animals.

Listen to the intuition

If you are prompted by something that this is your person, trust your voice and take the risk. Only your flair will be your best adviser.

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