NGO's website in 1440 minutes

1440, What exactly does it stand for?

Each individual has something more than other; sometimes money, sometimes happiness or sometimes memories of their loved ones. And, each of them wants to supplement these additional things to other to enrich their living. Some get a proper route to help others but, some are still stuck due to lack of directions.
Skypath Digital understand this scenario and carried out studies which concluded, that each person wants to help, and each NGO’s wants a helping hand. By having this as our vision we started to develop a website for NGO’s in just 1440  minutes. 1440 minutes will connect each of them with the bond of love, trust, and affection.

Skypath Digital which is situated in Mumbai follow and concentrate on all the NGO’s sector all over India and help them to connect to the right person. Before initiating this subject we understood the problem which was faced by the NGO’s and the volunteers who had faced the problem –

-NGO’s is unaware of the target audience who is willing to help for their cause and not able to reach the people who are ready to help
-Sometimes the appropriate goal of the cause is misleading
-Language barrier
-More human efforts required to form a community for the cause
-Sometimes, failure takes place due to lack of awareness in  each corner of our state
-Improper communication strategy

By understanding all the above factors and many more we decide to help NGO’s get a proper lead. Furthermore, this will also help to gain a proper lead generation and donor base is created.

Following factors will justify why and how 1440 minutes is important and how it will reflect NGO in a positive way –

1. A website will help to increase the legitimacy of your organization. A website will help the new donors and partners to verify your existence in the society. It also helps you to look more professional when NGO’s team apply for grants, tenders, or to carry out any CSR activity. Also to share details with various other corporate sector websites can help you to make that work easily and also create a trustworthy belief bond.
Normally website contains contact details and address of your organization both of which is important to initiate your communication strategy. Furthermore, it also gives the scenario about your organization as well as the team members and works which you are carrying out.

Skypath digital assures to design attractive websites by understanding your cause with a proper communication strategy and content.

2. Nowadays technology doesn’t require a year or 9 months to create a website, so why not all NGO’s should active response to developing a website in just 1440 minutes.
3. Increase communication channels; a website is the best communication channel for your organization  The most obvious one is when your project/program audience which is able to be engaged through the Internet. A website further allows you to give content targeted at partners and donors, such as reports, program updates, information about your organization and contact details.

4. Maintain your profile; an organization website is good for your profile as well as the employees who are working with you.

5. Current and increasing usage of the Internet, each individually is going social and usage of internet is drastically increasing day by day.

Let’s optimize your organization’s online presence within 1440 minutes. Drop us a mail –

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