Apple Inc may be the king while launching a booming new smartphone, a more intelligent version of the predecessor. But yet, there is that one well-known fact that everyone knows, but is yet to speak out about loud enough. And while I sit alone in my room, typing vigorously on my MacBook Air, I wonder is it only I who thinks that Apple has become a little too predictable with the iPhones?


I am a fan of Apple products and absolutely love the quality. But that, by no means, would draw me into buying the new Apple iPhone 8 just because it’s the latest one on the block. The iPhone 8 price starts at around $699 whereas the iPhone 7 price starts from $549. Now, I guess not many would like paying a whopping $150 extra for a product that has nothing much of a difference over its predecessor.


Maybe that’s the exact reason why the new Apple iPhone 8 hasn’t been as good as the other iPhones in terms of the sales. I mean, all the other Apple smartphones have sold out on day one itself while the iPhone 8 is readily available on its launch day.


And this does not surprise me much since I have been following the series like a staunch follower. I loved the new iPhone 6 that came into being back in September 2014. The design was mesmerizing and the quality made it worth buying.


But then, as I find out more about the new Apple iPhone 8, I can tell you that Apple has been using the same rehash design in this model as well. Yes, the features are an upgrade over the previous generation, the processor is better, but apart from these, it’s just an iPhone 7 sold in a glass unibody.


In fact, for me, the new iPhone X is a more significant product and is better equipped to take the legacy of Apple smartphones forward. Despite the fact that it costs an entire fortune (the Apple iPhone X price starts from around $999), it is way better than the iPhone 8 in terms of the sales numbers.


The new iPhone buyers are mostly the ones who are buying the iPhone X or the ones opting for the predecessor, the iPhone 7. And though I have been poked by many Android users for been a blind follower of Apple products, I find absolutely no reason why iPhone lovers should pay such extra bucks to buy the new iPhone 8 over iPhone 7.

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