Hello, again my lovelies!!!

It’s been a busy but an amazing week for me. I attended the most enthralling music festival last week- The Yellow taxi Music Project organized by Red FM and trust me when I say, it was an unforgettable experience. But hey, more on that later, I promise to put up a blog on that very very soon.

Today, I actually wanted to talk about something else. With the rain playing peek-a-boo, the merciless heat and the accompanying humidity had me in quite a fight with my skincare regime.  Patchy skin, clogged pores and a dry lifeless face!!! Hydrate less you look dead, hydrate too much and the face looks like an oil mill working overtime.  I am sure this tale of woe is not just mine, many of you go through this horror story too.

But fear not my lovelies because today I am going to talk about two products which I call “My little bottles of Miracles”

First up is the Khadi Pure Herbal Rose & Aloe Vera Facial Massage Gel. A little bottle of rose pinkish gel packed with the goodness of rose and aloe vera. The super hydrating aloe vera is no doubt a summer skin’s best friend. Add to it the healing and cooling benefits of rose and you have got your miracle in a tub.

A 5-minute massage twice a day leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. This is in a gel form so it doesn’t feel sticky at all. The rose smell maybe a little overpowering but hey I absolutely love it.

So this tub of 100 gm comes for Rs 160/- and believe me when I say, it can definitely give the expensive skincare products a run for the money.

The next miracle product is the Khadi Pure Herbal Cucumber Water Natural Skin Toner. Summer & Cucumber…need I say more? Made out of fresh cucumber petals this toner has started a love affair with my skin that is gonna last for a very long time.  Pat it on ur face and feel absolutely rejuvenated. Cucumber has tremendous cooling benefits and it does miracles when used regularly.  Khadi Pure Herbal Cucumber Water Natural Skin Toner cleanses and tones the skin perfectly and the refreshing smell is simply heavenly.

A 210 ml of this bottle of goodness comes for just Rs 100/-

So there my lovelies, two of my best friends for summer. They are herbal, They are pure and the best part is they do not burn a hole in the pocket. But hey, don’t take me by word only.

Like I always say, you gotta try it to believe it. These products are available at all Khadi stores. U can also pick it up online from, Amazon .in.

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Till next time my lovelies.



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