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Here, you are agreeing to read the terms and conditions and the terms of use of the Ample Magazine.

terms and conditions

These terms and condition change from time to time, please stay updated with Ample Magazine. We don’t take any responsibility for the content that you read or facts that you may come across.

The information on the Amplemagazine.com is also available publicly and secondary. You may or may not find full information on the Amplemagazine.com. We have used only publicly available information.

The content on the amplemagazine.com is only for gaining knowledge and sharing the same. At the time of using amplemagzine.com or any other content on the ample magazine website, users won’t have any rights to take any legal action or any other kind of action. As this content is uploaded for benefiting the user(somehow). *no guarantee *no surety

When the user subscribes to the ample magazine, we collect data that can be used for future marketing and enhance the amplemagazine.com. We will have full right over data we collect from the user. We also collect data from the user who is not even registered and we use the same for enhancing the ample magazine needs.

With your permission or without your approval, when you are surfing the ample magazine website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of ample magazine.

User will have no right to blame or take any legal action on amplemagazine.com for any content which they come across at the time of browsing the ample magazine.com

Welcome to Amplemagazine.com

Amplemagazine.com the website is an online service provider and preserved & maintained by Ample Magazine. We aim to provide the best and enthusiastic experience on the website while taking all the mandatory steps to protect users’ privacy and terms of use. We have made these terms and condition for the user to understand the importance of the ample magazine website and its content policy. These terms and conditions are applicable to the entire online channel which will include our social media pages and accounts. Content and services published by our partners and advertisers are subject to the following conditions. At the time of using amplemagazine.com, or any resources affiliated to ample magazine.com, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. These Terms and Conditions are a binding contract between user and Ample Magazine, regarding the use of the website content. You are also agreeing not to take any legal action on any matter.
If you do not approve any of these terms and conditions, please stop using our services.

The Website Content

All of the information, content, services or used in connection with the website including advertising, articles, directories, opinions, guides, text, photographs, reviews, images, audio clips, illustrations, source, video and all other resources that matters, including the look and feel of this website, are under the section of copyrights. The content on the website is fully protected and copyrights of the ample magazine.com. Ample magazine takes the entire necessary step to protect the content that is publishing on the amplemagazine.com. We do not support or give any kind of rights to the user on the usage of our published information.

The user can use the amplemagazine.com information for personal use, and non-commercial use. A user has the right to use this content for sharing or using it by making a copy or downloading the same. In this case, the user cannot modify the information and rearrange them to produce any kind of similar content. When you are using ample magazine information, you are agreeing to give us credit. For any special use of information or content, a user has to take permission from the Ample Magazine. We surely don’t allow anyone to use our information for making the money out of it. This can lead to serious issues, so please do not use the information or our content for making it a business.

You don’t have to pay us for using or browsing our information. Since you are using our free access services, we have published the advertisement on the website which you are any third party doesn’t have right to block them. Because of these advertisements on the amplemagazine.com, you have the free access.

Ample Magazine would surely like to maintain the rights of the intellectual property of others. If your content is uploaded on the website without your notice by another user’s request, you can write to us using our contact us page. By this, we will make sure that your content is removed from the website and you have the right to keep your intellectual property rights. We sincerely apologize for such actions.

Content on the website is either uploaded by the webmaster or the user. We follow the best process to verify the content that is uploaded to the website. With the content on the amplemagazine.com, we do not aim to harm the deep belief of your sentiments. If you don’t like the content on the website, you can give us feedback and we will take the best action to verify the content for you. We do not promise any kind of surety against the content or action that might be might not be taken today or in future.

If the user claims for removing the personal information, we will give our best response to protect your rights.

The user can contact the author of the information which is given the content for discussion. We also provide comment section so the user can have the discussion with author and other people to clarify the subset meaning. From this use may or may not gain information.

We don’t guarantee any kind of surety to the readers and the user is browsing our information with his/her best interest.


Subscribing ample magazine is the choice of the user. On the subscription of the magazine, the user agrees to receive notification and agrees all the terms and conditions.
• We will have all the rights over activities that subscriber do on the ample magazine.
• We may use your data to enhance the user experience.
• The information or data you gave or will give may be used for better productivity of ample magazine.

Content provided by the user and any third party is only using for better outputs the ample magazine. We use this information to improve the Ample Magazine; the Ample Magazine is not responsible for the reports and opinions communicated by content providers. We do not assure any kind of guaranteed to the readers for the content that is uploaded by Ample Magazine on the behalf of the content provider or content provider. At the time of content submission, a content provider agrees our Terms and Conditions, which are separately designed for them.

Content uploaded on the site; don’t mean to give any accurate information on the specific subject. The user should not rely on the information for any output. Information on the website is best to our knowledge. Please do not use for any personal project or do not expect any return from the content you come across.
Interactive platform

We have created interactive sections on our website and social media platform so user and user and ample magazine can share personal opinions and ideas on the subject or any discussion. When the user is participating in interactive sessions like comments, they chose to do by them self. We do not take any responsibility for such participation. Users are requested to follow all the percussion by themselves like do not share any kind of personal information. (We are always here to help, you can contact us anytime to remove content (which is personal) from the website. (Please do bear with us while we handle the request)


To publish your content on the website, please read our write to our guidelines and follow all the terms and conditions that are made for you. Once you submit the request for content upload, we will take our time to review it and publish them. A user is requested not to publish same content on any two websites or more. Before submitting the content to Ample Magazine, Use are requested to remove content that contains vulgar language, profanity, abusive or hateful language, poor texts, inflammatory, attacks of a personal, racial, religious to nature, national origin, gender, age, marital status, sexual, expressions of bigotry, racism, discrimination or hate. Later, in the stage, if any user complains about this kind of issues in your content, we will be not responsible for any legal issues. We will try our best to corporate with each party.

Always ensure that the information you are using does not contain any copyrights. If are still using such information, you are requested to give proper credit and we suggest you take permission from the owner.

Authors are also requested not to mention anything that can raise an issue. This is important for maintaining the privacy of everyone.

User will have no right to blame or take any legal action on amplemagazine.com for any content which they come across at the time of browsing the ample magazine.com

Request to the User

Please do not use this information to gain any outputs or results. Our main purpose is to give share information & to entertain you. We request you not to use it against us. We strictly prohibit these problems and if you have the problem contact us and will do our best to protect your rights.

Website Security

Information given by you at the time of subscription or any kind of survey can be used for marketing purpose. We will have full right over the information you submit us. To secure your information, we will try our best, but we do not guarantee anything. We do not sell the data we collect so feel free and enjoy the ample magazine. You can blame us for any security reason or actions.

Third Parties

If your participation is involved with third parties advertisement, purchase of anything between redirecting links and on our website, we are not responsible for the action. You are engaging with third parties advertisements and outbound links with your own choice.
You will have no chance to blame for any such participation.
User will have no right to blame or take any legal action on amplemagazine.com for any content which they come across at the time of browsing the ample magazine.com

If you have any concern related to our services, please contact us and we will give our best response.

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