Artificial Intelligence is an unknown world to which we are diving head-first into, being our imagination as the only guide. Few intelligent minds have imagined what might be happening in the current trend in the past centuries. Artificial Intelligence is like we have entered into the world where a cyborgs army sends into a nuclear holocaust.


Most of us believe that drones are simple gadgets with some novelty or a fun toy to fly around surroundings, snapping aerial images. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are rapidly growing in popularity and have purposed in distinct scenarios, far beyond their use as robotic toys.

Like other technologies and security solutions, drones are becoming an equal partner in pipelines, securing facilities, and perimeters along with Southern U.S. border and surrounding environments. Military uses drones in distinct ways such as to protect troops in case of the hostile environment, and also means military drones that collect vast amounts of footage that human analysts cannot keep up. Till now, none of the military or others have combed the data that gathers during drone flights.

Drones in just a few years have redefined and enhanced distinct business varieties. They were used to deliver goods rapidly, an environmental study in a broader angle and to scan military bases remotely. Drones are employed in monitoring security, safety inspections, border surveillance and to track storms. They are armed with bombs and missiles in military attacks, to protect personnel in armed personnel instead entering the combat zones.

Artificial intelligence’s breakthroughs lie at this advancement’s root. AI being the exact short route for a machine’s ability to copy human traits like learning and thinking, and has transformed how the technology is used. Now AI permeates our life through Google search, Apple’s Siri, and newsfeeds in Facebook.

What actually can Drones do with Artificial Intelligence?

Emergency Drones that are flying to the specific person who is in need of medical treatment, field or farm scanning to ensure that you are fertilizing on appropriate positions, and police drones that are equipped with a pepper spray and camera, are in beta phases and are correctly working.

In case of Self-learning Drone that needs no human action to fly, fertilizing and scanning is by far the wondering thing that all entrepreneurs around the globe can guess. It might be a loss of security and control. Without moving into conspiracy theories, only imagine a flying object that can fly over hours and is connected to the internet.

For instance, it is capable of refining its software to have more precise face detention to recognize emotions or even develop a gravity control that makes it more difficult to bring it back down to the ground. It will be more intelligent than human beings.

Artificial Intelligent is getting more and more intelligent.  It will be able to load its batteries without human help. Thus, we can conclude that Artificial Intelligence is the future of Drone System.

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