I know that you are tired of working hard, that the road is not easy, that you really want to do this, that you are struggling to achieve the goal and that there are still hurdles.

I know that sometimes you feel like quitting, doubting yourself and your capabilities, start comparing yourself, and every other thing seems negative.

I know that you are tired of hearing the doubts/comments and that even empathy seems like pity

But understand, my dear friend that the road is the way it was meant to be. Everyone else has struggled to achieve the success. You have to keep fighting with your hurdles one by one. You don’t have to worry about others’ opinion since this fight is just in between you and your dreams. So, work hard, my friend, work hard until you get it. You are very close to your dream. Just give it a last try with your full passion. And never let this “last try” end until you get it.

A dreamer, believer and supporter!

Sheily Kamra

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