“PlayStation? Who needs them? I play mobile games”, I said with authority.

“Mobile games? Play computer games, dude. It involves quick reflexes and will force you to think before every step. Besides, you even need to make strategies for them”, he said with his regular air of unconcern.

“Ohh really! I guess you never played the games that most people around the world play. Reflexes, mind games, patience, strategy. You need everything, just like in any computer game. All of this, but just a small screen to work with”, I was argumentative as always.


And yes! This has been a fairly common notion among the freaks who thrive on computer games, PlayStations, etc., until we had the newest generation of mobile games for high-end smartphones, either working on Android or iOS platform. These games are great time killers and succeed in keeping us glued to it for a long time, if not for an eternity. Most of these games were popular because of everything it had on offer, while the other garnered success because of the new and unique concept.


Here are the top 5 mobile games that changed the way we look at smartphone gaming, of course, after the introduction of Android.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

What could be a better replacement for NFS (Need For Speed)? First created by Electronic Arts, NFS later went on to become the ninth best-selling video game.


However, one the smaller platform, that is, on smartphones, the most suitable replacement was still not found until Gameloft, the French developer, introduced the Asphalt 8. Traditionally, all the games in the Asphalt series were addictive, yet the Asphalt 8 turned out to be a major success, majorly because it had that one thing stuffed to the brim – ADRENALINE. It even won the GSMA Global Mobile App awards for the Best Mobile Game App category in 2015.

Call of Duty

Undoubtedly, Call of Duty is one of the best first person shooter game ever developed. It was first developed back in 2003 and was restricted to Windows only. However, with smartphones becoming popular, the developers made sure that the game reached the smallest platforms too.


Infinity Ward is still one of the developers of this game while the latest version, the Call of Duty World War II, is developed by Sledgehammer Games.

Candy Crush

If you ever have a lot of time to spare and love solving difficult puzzles, try playing Candy Crush. If you feel you are a master at solving puzzles, I am sure you will start to feel the heat as you cross level 50. And you need not worry much about the levels, King (the developer) has enough levels to keep you playing for a long, very long period of time.


The game first appeared in the Browser in April 2012. However, the first freemium app appeared on iOS in November followed by Android in December, same year. By 2014, the game was reported to have been played by over 93 million people while the revenue over a particular 3 months period was reported to have crossed a whopping $493 million.

Temple Run

Everything in the mobile phone gaming world seemed to be calm until Imangi Studios introduced the Temple Run, a sensation in the history of mobile phone gaming. What could be more dangerous than having an evil predator behind you while you run endlessly in a quest of saving your life? While doing so, your reflexes are tested to its limits as you need to jump and slide to avoid the obstacles and also collect coins to keep the score ticking.


Temple Run was first introduced on Appstore for the iOS platform where it turned out to be one among the top 50 most downloaded apps within the first 6 months of its launch. It eventually became the number one app on the Appstore and also reached the position of being the highest grossing iOS app.

Clash of Clans

And then came the Clash of Clans, a game worth spending a good part of your life on. It was first introduced on iOS in 2012 followed by on Android in 2013. And if you have been reading this article this far and have not played any mobile game yet, the Clash of Clans is probably the one you should try. It has everything that a gamer needs, maybe a bit more. It requires brains, strategy, game plan and above all, patience. After all, it’s not easy to build a virtual village of your own, build defenses, attack in multiplayer modes, loot resources, take part in wars and use all the resources in upgrading your own village. But hey! Just the way you loot others, they are aiming at you too. Be careful.


Supercell, the developer, had hit a purple patch with the introduction of Clash of Clans. In fact, between December 2012 and May 2013, it featured among the top 5 most downloaded app on the Appstore. By 2013, it became the third highest game in terms of revenue on iOS and the highest grosser on Android.

Mobile games are the way to go now

It’s not possible to get glued to your laptop and start playing video games anywhere and everywhere. But smartphone games have no such limitations. The basic requirement is just a smartphone that is big enough for your eyes to see and you are all set to get started, be it at your workplace, at your college, at the cafeteria or on long bus journeys.


So, if you play mobile games, you can proudly call yourself a gamer and consider yourself to be no less than the people busy pressing the keyboard keys to death just to get the AK 47 in a firing mode.

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