Ever ordered food and stuck waiting for it because the delivery guy hasn’t been able to find your house for the last 30 minutes? Waiting for an important parcel only to realize after a week that it was delivered to your neighbour? Trying to find an address to a friend’s house while travelling in a cab?

Once in a while and sometimes more commonly, we have to step out to head to some unknown places. In the pursuit of these adventures, we end up being lost, confused and frustrated wasting our precious time. All these sound yesterday, when TOPO has entered the field to your aid.

Wonder how can TOPO save us from the trouble on lost ways? Well, there are just as many benefits to TOPO as you have questions for it.

To begin with, let’s understand how TOPO works in the initial place. TOPO is a precise and well defined Digital Addressing System which provides unique digital identity to every home, office, restaurants, and party place. In our country, each and every business has its own identity on Google Maps, but there is no such marking for individual houses. According to a research, a delivery person spends 30% of the delivery time finding customer’s address. Moreover, around 4 billion people are living without any address.

We, at TOPO, help the e-commerce/food delivery/grocery and other such companies to deliver their service at customer’s doorstep without bombarding the user with multiple calls.

Apart from these, we also have a solution in place where we wish to help the State Government in assigning Digital House Number to each and every home, which in turn will help them digitize things related to Utility Payments, Property Documents, Property Tax collection, and so on. The property details can be easily linked to the owners which will help them to avail the government-related schemes easily. The postal services can also save around 30% of the delivery time by using our solution. This, in turn, ensures transparency in the property-related transactions which otherwise is quite cumbersome. All these things will become seamless with one unique digital ID called TOPO.

Benefits of using TOPO

For Business

For Public

Easy integration with apps for Hassle Free addresses collection. Easily map their properties and link their government ID proofs to them.
Easy Navigation by direct GPS location sharing with Last mile delivery services Payment of property taxes becomes a seamless experience
Easily route optimization while delivering multiple parcels TOPO – single point of contact for payment of utility bills
Live Tracking of logistics operations Easily link their government ID proof to their address to help the government monitor the benefits, while availing the social schemes
Easily track distance and time by assigning TOPO card for visitors Easily receive postal communication even in remote areas

TOPO was launched on January 13th, 2018 and has already received a fairly good response. Our goal is to digitize the entire Indian addressing system by 2022 and then have our eyes set to digitize worldwide by 2030. By achieving this we would be helping people with one TOPO ID, which will be a one-stop destination for several habitual needs like Booking a Cab, Google Map Navigation, Schedule meetings and so on. By achieving this, we wish to be the Google for worldwide digital addresses.

Our ongoing clients are PetCab and Goocampus. Around 15 more companies are in store for integration. As compared to our peers such as Google Maps, MapmyIndia and Zipper, we have a dominance in areas such as format, user-friendly, In-app services, and shareability.

So what are we waiting for when the bug curiosity has already bitten! Download the app (available on right now or head to its website ( and begin your move to make location sharing easier.

The latest version of the app is being release on July 15th 2018. Download the same from the play store for any latest updates.

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