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Ample Magazine gives every writer a chance to publish their unique content on the amplemagazine.com. This is the wide platform to get along with a number of readers and know their views on your content. Share your content that meets our Write to us guidelines and we will publish it. You get to tell people your story in your way.

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Special case

Don’t worry about the guidelines, just send, us the content. We will review it and publish it. This is because we respect writers and how important it to is to deliver a message as the writer to the audience.

*Please avoid copyright and vulgarity.

Write to us

What do we want?

• We only focus on Quality Information
• Make your content up to minimum 800 words to maximum
• We do allow only two backlinks; please do not add more than that. We want to maintain the quality of the ample magazine and its traditions.

 One Link will in the author Bio and one link in the content.
 Content that has Link won’t get paid from Ample Magazine.
 If you want to get paid then write content that can make a difference.

• We pay you when we get paid; do not expect to get paid until we tell you an email on another form of communication.
• This is for encouraging authors to write good blogs. If you do well in the audience, we will surely approach you and make a good offer.
• Please do not contact us saying why I was not paid?

 Here, we are Cleary mentioning that you get paid when we talk to you in personally way of communication.
 We want to have a good relationship with our writers, so don’t worry about the pay. the
 You should just focus on the content you publish.

• All types of Authors are allowed; we respect writers. Share wide knowledge with the audience and you get to choose your category
• Please add at least 3 high-quality images.
• You have right to add videos and content that supports presented information.
• Please do give credit for the information you use.
• Make it attractive, readable, tell a story, grab your audience, never bore a reader and be straight; don’t mention information that is not helpful.
• Focus on your subject, Mention whatever you think is important
• You can write about anything you want, just write good content & we will publish it.

What do you do?


• Give At least one H1nand H2.
• Don’t promote third parties unless it is important to content.
• Respect the readers.
Follow SEO guidelines and make it worth reading, please, please and please.
• When you submit the content, you agree on terms like:-

 This content is fresh and does not contain any copyrights
 Not copied from anywhere
 Doesn’t contain information which can harm the sentiments of others.
 Avoid content that contains violence, profanity, vulgarity and related content
 Please do not write about religion, cast, and racism.
o If issue rises from the content you provided, you will be responsible for the cause. We want to take responsibility for the content.
o We will surely ban you
o We will try our best to protect you.

• Once you submit the content, we will let you know when it is getting published. This will be a long process so hold tight and wait for the response from the team.

Writing format

Categories: – select from the website
Meta Description:
SEO Title:-
Author Bio:- Two or three lines (please add photo if you can)